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Monday, September 3, 2007

Choosing Your Tattoo Artist

Choosing a credible tattoo artist is like selecting a dentist. Each artist has their own unique style of inking and of course their own incredible array of artwork. Almost every experienced tattoo artist will be able to provide you with a 'custom piece' of artwork. A 'custom piece' is a term that refers to an original tattoo creation that
was designed specifically, and only for YOU. And, you wouldn't trust your neighbor to perform a root canal would you? Well, not unless your next door neighbor just happened to be a dentist Still, you wouldn't want to get a 'garage root canal'!! You'd want to go inside a clean, sterile environment with certified professionals with the right tools to perform the delicate work that needed to be done. In all seriousness, this is the only body you have. So you must care for it as such.

~Take some time to look through the artist's portfolio, which most pro artists have.

~And take a look at the work they have done. Ask them questions that are important.

~To you, no matter how silly you might think they are. Believe me; a professional.

~Tattoo artist will give you any answer you seek with regards to tattooing. If you are
Unsure of anything, ask! The tattoo artist you select should be receptive to your
Questions and be as helpful as possible. However, don't expect to act like an ass
And then have the artist kissing yours! Be respectful AND tactful.

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

What To Look For in a Tattoo Studio

Ok so you are going to get a tattoo you might not have a tattoo design that you like yet thats ok if you find a good tattoo studio they will also have some very good tattoo designs that will help you chose.
You do not need to just find a picture of a tattoo you can use the picture as a basic design you can draw it or you can have a tattoo artist work on your tattoo. in other words get the perfect tattoo that you want don't settle for oh I guess this will do you do not want any second thoughts about your tattoo design.

Here are 3 of the most important things to look for in a tattoo studio not all buy you have to have a look at these.


Is the studio in a clean and orderly manner?
Are the employees and tattoo artists friendly or responsive to assisting you if they aren't too busy?
How busy is the studio?
What are present customer's reactions to the tattoo studio's procedures?
Do they seem happy or satisfied?


Can you take a look at the studio's credibility to run their business?

Have they received a 'clean bill' from the appropriate state health officials reinforcing that the studio operates and offers their services according to stringent practices put in place?
Are they using all the required sterilization equipment necessary to make sure that each Customer's health is protected as best they can?
Do they have an age requirement and how do they ensure that this is not breached?
What types of legal documentation or consent forms must each customer sign BEFORE a tattoo is given?


Are there portfolio folders (usually photo books or 3 ring binders) that you can look through to view a particular artist's work?
Are there pictures posted about the studio of past customers' tattoos?
What do they look like? Do you see any of these past works that look similar to something you are interested in getting?
Is there a pretty good range of tattoo sizes? Colors? Styles?
While this isn't the 'end all, be all' guide of things you should look for and consider
when deciding on your tattoo studio of choice, it is certainly a good place to start!

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Picking a Tattoo Studio For your First Tattoo

Picking out the best tattoo studio, or parlor :-)
that fits your specified needs is a very all important first step to getting the RIGHT TATTOO DONE RIGHT. Your health and safety MUST be the prime concern of any respectable shop. And it should be to you also. With incapacitating diseases like HIV and Hepatitis, one can NEVER be too safe! You should not be willing to take a chance with your health. And neither should a responsible tattoo studio. There are a lot ways to find just the right tattoo studio that fits the bill. Let's talk about the most obvious, and the best form of advertising, WORD OF MOUTH. Do you have any friends or relatives that have had a tat done that looks good? Ask them who and where they went to for their tattoo. Then investigate this place for your self just to be 100% positive. Keep in mind that you don't always have to go with the first studio you visit! Look around. Be choosy. There's plenty of time to get your first tattoo, so DON'T RUSH IT! Take your time and make the best choice based on your findings. Here's a short checklist you can use to begin filtering out the good from the bad so that you can make the best decision you can. Come back tomorrow for more info till then….. Here are some Kanji Symbols danger

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